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Competency Assessment

Competency Assessment

The UC San Diego PACE Program's Competency Assessment is a state-of-the-art, rigorous evaluation of a physician's ability to safely practice medicine that is built on the vast knowledge and experience gained from evaluating more than 1600 physicians over the past 20 years.  It is a highly customized evaluation specifically tailored to each individual physician's current (or intended) area of practice and the reason for referral.

Upon successful enrollment into the PACE Competency Assessment we will conduct a pre-assessment case review: a multidisciplinary case conference dedicated to formally examining all relevant background materials surrounding the physician's reason for referral as well as requested pre-assessment self-report measures with the purpose of creating an individualized assessment program.

Because each assessment is customized to the specifics of the case, the total cost and length of each evaluation will vary.  However, most assessments will cost between $16,000 and $19,000 and be conducted over 3 to 5 days.*

Although each assessment will be custom tailored to the participating physician, there are certain "core" components, which together form the foundation of most PACE competency assessments.

  • Oral Clinical Examination
  • Physician Health Screening
  • Clinical Observation with UC San Diego Faculty

Additional elements of the Competency Assessment will be selected from the list below based on the Pre-Assessment Case Review:

  • Medical Record Evaluation
  • Post Licensure Assessment System (PLAS) Exams
  • Clinical Skills Simulation
  • Pulse 360 Degree Survey
  • Other Medical Specialty Consult or Evaluation

In cases where concerns exist about a physician's physical or mental wellbeing, we may include additional health-related evaluations as part of the competency assessment. In some cases the participating physician may be asked to undergo a separate Fitness for Duty Program.

Each completed PACE assessment results in a comprehensive written report which summarizes the participating physician's performance on each aspect of the evaluation and includes a detailed summary and recommendations section which describes how the physician's overall performance relates to his/her ability to safely practice and outlines any recommendations necessary for ensuring the participant's ongoing safety to practice.  Each assessment report categorizes the physician's overall performance into on of four possible outcomes or final grades.

  • PASS
    • Category 1:
    • Category 2:
    • Category 3:
  • FAIL
    • Category 4:

Scheduling and Completion of the Assessment:

Due to the complexity and high-stakes nature of the physician competency assessments, it takes on average 3-4 months to issue a final report from the date of the initial application. While every effort is made to complete the program as quickly as possible, ensuring that the work is done thoroughly and correctly is our first priority.

For more information about the PACE assessment process and timeline please see our Process Cancellation Policy.

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