California Medical Board Physician Competence Assessment

Exam The Comprehensive Physician Assessment Program is a 2-Phase, seven-day program designed to thoroughly evaluate the physician's general clinical knowledge and judgment.  The faculty, administration and staff of the UCSD PACE Program strive constantly to create a friendly, helpful, supportive and scholarly environment for all physicians utilizing its Programs.
Phase I
We believe we have been very successful in this regard. All members of the PACE Faculty are active clinicians themselves, and perform their assessment and teaching functions in an unbiased and fair manner, taking into account both the unique circumstances of each Participating Physician as well as the public welfare.. Clinician
Phase II

PACE's determination of whether or not a physician passes the assessment program is based on the participant's demonstrated competency in each of the ACGME/ABMS core domains of clinical competence: 1) patient care, 2) medical knowledge, 3) practice-based learning and improvement, 4) communication and interpersonal skills, 5) professionalism, and 6) systems-based practice.

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