UC San Diego PACE Program

Upcoming Courses

CourseStart DateStatus 
CME - Communication Workshop07/17/2021CLOSED 
CME - Physician Prescribing Course (PPC)07/19/2021CLOSED 
CME - Medical Record Keeping07/22/2021CLOSED 
CME - Managing High Impact Emotions08/04/2021CLOSED 
CME - Professional Boundaries Program08/18/2021CLOSED 
CME - Managing High Impact Emotions09/22/2021OPEN 
CME - Professional Boundaries Program10/13/2021OPEN 
CME - Physician Prescribing Course (PPC)10/25/2021OPEN 
CME - Medical Record Keeping10/28/2021OPEN 
CME - Communication Workshop10/30/2021OPEN 


In collaboration with physicians, state medical boards, hospitals and others, we work to promote public protection, patient safety, and the attainment of the highest possible quality of clinical care.

Since 1996, the PACESM Program has committed itself to promoting a culture of ongoing quality improvement and professional development in the medical field. It is our mission to better the quality of healthcare throughout the nation by offering assessment and remediation services to medical professionals. These assessments can be performed on practicing physicians as well as those who are seeking to reenter practice or obtain initial licensure. We also offer physician monitoring services through our Physician Enhancement Program (or PEP) and a number of continuing professional development (also known as continuing medical education) courses.

We are the largest assessment and remediation program for healthcare professionals in the country, and have provided services to over 2,000 physicians and medical professionals, including podiatrists, physician assistants, and nurses. If you would like to know more about PACE or one of our programs, feel free to contact us.