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Competency Assessment

Competency Assessment

Possible Grades and Outcomes

  • PASS
    • Category 1:

      Signifies a good to excellent performance in most or all areas measured and is consistent with safe practice and competency. No significant deficiencies are noted.

    • Category 2:

      Signifies a performance during which minor deficiencies were noted that do not affect the physician's ability to practice safely, but may have an effect on optimal performance. Physicians in this category performed competently overall, but did sub-optimally on one or more aspects of the assessment. Recommendations for how to remediate deficiencies will be outlined.

    • Category 3:

      Significant deficiencies were noted. The physician is capable of practicing safely, but may not currently be reaching his/her full potential. Physicians in this category are likely to have broad deficiencies that cover multiple domains and will require a considerable educational investment and occasionally a change in behavior. Recommendations for how to remediate deficiencies will be outlined.

  • FAIL
    • Category 4:

      Signifies a poor performance that is not compatible with overall physician competency and safe practice. Physicians in this category performed poorly on all (or nearly all) aspects of the assessment. Alternatively, the physician could have a physical or mental health problem that prevents him/her from practicing safely. These physicians are unsafe and, based on the observed performance in the PACE assessment, represent a potential danger to their patients. Some physicians in this category may be capable of remediating their clinical competency to a safe level and some may not. We will provide our recommendations regarding remedial educational activities. The faculty and staff of the UC San Diego PACE Program do not give an outcome of "Fail" lightly or casually. This assignation reflects major, significant deficiencies in clinical competence, and physicians who receive this outcome, if they are deemed to be candidates for remedial education, should think in terms of engaging in a minimum of one full year of dedicated study and other learning activities requiring on average 30 to 40 hours per week. Under no circumstances will the UC San Diego PACE Program allow a physician to participate in a re-assessment less than six months from the time of completion of the initial assessment.