Frequently Asked Questions

  • Print and complete the PDF application for the PACE program, and email or fax it to us. All PACE applications can be found on the “Apply” page of our website and on each program’s web page.
  • Please note that some programs may require additional steps beyond making a payment to complete the registration or enrollment process. These additional steps will be clearly communicated after your payment has been received. If you have any questions, please call us at (619) 543-5478.

  • Once your completed application is received, we will send you an email with a link to our online payment portal and an attached invoice. We accept online payments by credit card (the fastest and preferred method) and check/money orders by mail. All checks/money orders should be made out to “UC Regents.” Our contact information is listed on the first page of each application and on our website. You can also forward your invoice email to anyone paying on your behalf.

  • To inquire about which PACE offerings would best suit the needs of the health care provider you are referring, please call us at (619) 543-6770. If you already know which program(s) the provider needs, please ask them to complete an application for the relevant program. If the provider requires PACE to share information with a third party (e.g., attorney, medical board, hospital, medical group, etc.), please direct them to provide the names of the relevant parties on the “Consent” page of the application.

  • The UC San Diego PACE Program has over 26 years of experience in physician assessment, remediation, and enhancement. We have assessed over 2,000 physicians, provided educational services to over 6,000 advanced healthcare providers, and monitored over 300 physicians. We have the resources and expertise to assess a wide variety of medical specialties because we are part of the UC San Diego School of Medicine, a top-tier academic center with nationally recognized experts in their fields. PACE was one of the first programs of its kind established in the United States, continues to be a leader in the field, and works effectively with state medical boards and hospitals.

  • The cancellation and refund policies are located on our website under each program and on the application forms.